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The selection of personnel in NAT Kazakhstan JSC
The success of a business today is determined by PEOPLE and their management, this is well understood by all employees of our company. Qualifications, abilities, efficiency, values of the team create the product that is so necessary for many users.

The tasks that our specialists solve require a wide range of skills and knowledge, not limited to narrow professional competencies. This makes our work extremely interesting and creative, and gives both beginners and experienced professionals the opportunity to reach a new level of professional and personal development, get a solid professional school in an atmosphere of creative search, mutual understanding and friendly support.

In our company, many professional plans of employees are being implemented, no matter how ambitious they are.

We value qualified personnel, so we are always ready to consider interesting resumes.

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Open vacancies at NAT Kazakhstan JSC

Below are the current vacancies for which candidates are being sought.
The response time and selection of candidates is always different and depends on the specifics of the work of each individual position.
If you are interested in a position, please fill out the form below indicating the position you are applying for.

Consultant (Analyst)
Your responsibilities:
- Pre-project survey and analysis of the subject area;
- Collection and analysis of requirements for developed systems or software;
- Conducting presentations/demonstrations;
- Development of technical documentation (ТЗ, СТПО, ПМИ, etc.);
- Testing;
- Conducting negotiations with the customer.

Our requirements:
- Technical/mathematical or applied education;
- Logic and ability to describe algorithms;
- Knowledge of UML, BPMN notation is desirable;
- Ability to work with the tool Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose;
- Have experience in building models, diagrams and diagrams using CASE tools;
- Knowledge of the methodology of description and reengineering of business processes;
- Knowledge of SQL;
- Experience in preparing and conducting: training, interviews, negotiations, presentations and demonstrations of IT solutions;
- Knowledge of strategies, types, levels of testing.

We are pleased to offer:
- Worthy and timely wages;
- Bonus payments based on performance;
- Five-day working week, as well as a remote work format;
- 30 days annual leave.
Programmer (.net)
- Experience with .NET (C#) - at least 3 years;
- Experience with ASP.NET Web Form/ASP.NET MVC;
- Experience in developing WCF services;
- Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS;
- Understanding and experience with relational DBMS (MS SQL Server, stored procedures, query optimization);
- Understanding of ООП, ОО design patterns, SOLID principles and the ability to apply them;
- Ability to understand and work with other people's code, work in a team, focus on results, desire to develop.

It would be an advantage if there is:
- Experience with Ext.NET Web Forms 2.5 and above;
- Experience with .Net Core;
- Knowledge of any client-side MV* framework (Angular2+, React/Redux);
- Experience with ORM (Entity Framework, Linq2db, NHibernate);
- Experience with one or more reporting systems (Stimulsoft Reports or others);
- Experience in analyzing and optimizing performance.

Conditions provided:
- The salary is set based on the results of the interview in accordance with the professional and personal characteristics of the applicant and the system of remuneration adopted in the company;
- Stable salary, social and pension contributions, registration for work in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- Remote work format: 5 day work week, 8 hour work day;
- Probationary period - up to 3 months.
Programmer (Java)
- Software development;
- Participation in the support of what has been implemented.

It is necessary:
- Strong knowledge of Java SE (preferably Java SE 8);
- Knowledge and experience of using: JEE or Spring Framework (Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring JDBC);
- Knowledge and experience of using: JPA, JDBC, JMS, JSON, XML;
- Experience in application server development (Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss AS, GlassFish, etc);
- Experience in developing user interfaces;
- Experience in writing unit tests (Junit, TestNG);
- Experience with legacy code, refactoring;
- Experience in using one of the logging libraries (log4j, Logback, etc);
- Strong knowledge of SQL;
- Experience with RDBMS;
- Experience with VCS (Git, Mercurial, SVN, etc);
- Experience with build automation tools (Ant, Maven, Gradle, etc).

It is desirable if there is:
- Experience with JSF, Primefaces, Omnifaces;
- Experience with scripting languages (for example: Rhino, Jython, JXpath, etc);
- Experience with JasperReports or another reporting library;
- Experience with PL SQL (Oracle PL/SQL, PL/pgSQL, etc);
- Experience with NoSQL;
- Experience with ReactJS/Redux, Vue, Angular, JS ES6, HTML5, CSS3, webpack;
- Experience with Unix/Linux systems.

Conditions provided:
- The salary is set based on the results of the interview in accordance with the professional and personal characteristics of the applicant and the system of remuneration adopted in the company;
- Stable salary, social and pension contributions, registration for work in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- Labor leave of 30 calendar days;
- Opportunity to realize your abilities in large-scale and interesting projects;
- 5 day work week, 8 hour work day, remote work format;
Probationary period - up to 3 months.
Business Development Manager
- Experience in the corporate sector (sales of services), excellent PC knowledge, learning ability, diligence, competent speech, activity, ability to communicate with people;
- Experience in the IT field is appreciated.

- Consulting clients;
- Negotiating with clients;
- Participation in the preparation and making contracts;
- Fulfillment of sales plans;
- Making report.

Conditions provided:
- Worthy and timely remuneration, bonus payments based on performance;
- Five-day working week from 09.00-18.00;
- Annual labor leave of 30 calendar days.
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Internship at NAT Kazakhstan JSC

Internship - training at NAT Kazakhstan JSC provides a unique opportunity for final-year students to gain professional skills in the field of IT.
The training program is a launching pad for the career growth of students from Kazakhstani and foreign universities.
After a successful internship, yesterday's students become full-fledged specialists of the company. Many of them are actively moving in the profession. Each trainee is assigned a mentor, an experienced specialist of the company, who shares his experience and best practices in the profession. Training-internship is as close as possible to working projects.

4th year students or graduates of the university in the specialty of "Information Technology".

Diploma, certificate from the university, motivation letter.

Contact details:
Phone: +7 707 444 09 49 Aliya

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