A service for deploying a corporate mail system in an organization based on OpenSource products. Corporate e-mail is a more reliable way of communication, has a positive effect on your organization's image and inspires more trust from customers and partners, compared to e-mail boxes registered on free services.

Corporate Mail

Corporate Mail Tasks
Corporate mail allows you to solve the following tasks of the organization:
External and internal communication
Correspondence and file exchange both within the organization and with partners and contractors
Employee account management
Ability to restore and delete logins and passwords of employees, organizing information access sharing
Protection and security
Your mail is protected from hacking and information loss, since the data is stored on the organization's own server
Single standard
A single standard for the design of a postal e-mail address and the signature of all employees of the organization
Work Order
As part of the corporate mail system deployment service, we perform the following work:
Appointment and coordination of requirements for the postal system (or project);
Development of solution architecture and selection of an OpenSource product;
Installation of the mail system;
Administrator training and mailbox migration (if necessary);
Creation of email addresses for employees of the organization for an additional fee;
Setting up data backup.
Why OpenSource?
Benefits of using OpenSource (open source software)
No license fees
No obligatory payments for licenses and support
Open source codes
Ability to modify the system for unique processes
Flexible scaling
When connecting new users, you do not need to purchase licenses
Source code is available for viewing and study
The Reasons Why You Should Order From Us
The convenience of use
The ability to work with your mail from a mobile device
Rapid integration into the customer's infrastructure
Setting up mail for individual requests of the Customer
Integration with various types of equipment and systems
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Over 20 years of work in IT, we have gained extensive experience in the development, maintenance and expertise of information system and software for healthcare, banks, the public sector, culture, energy, logistics and other sectors of the economy.

In our company, a dedicated team of specialists works on each project: a project manager, a business consultant, a developer, an IT architect, a tester and a designer.
The activities of our company comply with the state and international quality management standards ISO 9001-2016 and ISO 14001-2016. In 2012, we obtained the CMMI level 3 certification.
We have experience in the implementation of high-load information systems and other projects of a high degree of complexity, including the integration of corporate systems with government databases.
High-quality software implementation is ensured through various types of testing. Our experts check the product for errors, conduct functional and load testing.
Our most valuable resource is our employees. The average age of our specialists is 33 years old while the average duration of their work experience in the specialty is 11 years.
Why People Trust Us
Extensive practice and knowledge base
Team model of project management
Industry compliance
Implementation of complex projects
Quality control
Our employees
Our Clients