CMMI level 3
An additional guarantee of the quality of the services provided by the company is the presence of a CMMI Maturity level 3 maturity level, which indicates that the processes for software development and project management are defined at the level of the entire organization, and that the processes are executed in advance. Often, one of the main requirements of foreign customers is that suppliers have a maturity rating of at least level 3 CMMI.
NAT Kazakhstan JSC and its subsidiary JazzSoft LLP passed this assessment for the first time in Kazakhstan. The purpose of the assessment was to bring production processes in line with the requirements of recognized world standards in the IT industry.

What is CMMI?
In the early 1980s, the US Department of Defense was faced with the task of creating a gradation assessment of the level of maturity of potential suppliers applying for the implementation of the Department's projects, for their better selection. The Ministry was the initiator of the creation of an assessment model for any organization for the customer - CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration). The foundations of this model were laid at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Now CMMI is a set of models for building and developing effective processes for organizations of various types. In particular, the CMMI-DEV (CMMI for Development) model defines the goals and directions for the development of processes related to the development of software and hardware. This model defines a set of process areas, for each of which goals for the development and improvement of processes are set, as well as practices are described, the implementation of which contributes to their achievement. The degree to which an organization achieves these goals is determined by assessing its capability level (levels 0-5) or maturity (maturity level, levels 1-5). The evaluation results are valid for 3 years.