A set of products for banking organizations.


BanksGate products help organizations solve various financial problems basing on modern technologies, such as:
Payment messaging
Exchange of payment messages with the systems: ISMT, Clearing, SMEP and SMP, internal systems of banks;
Sending notifications
Sending notifications about the payment of mandatory government payments to the systems of regulatory bodies: IS TsULS, PSEP, KPSiSU, E-gov, etc.;
Correspondent account management
Correspondent account management in KISC payment systems;
Issuing and receiving
Issuance and receipt of electronic invoices through IS ESF;
Infrastructural and other tasks.
*BanksGate users are banks and non-banking financial institutions.

Services for automating the accounting of foreign exchange transactions to ensure compliance with the requirements of legislation on foreign exchange control.

Currency Control

The main functionality of the system
Creation, adjustment, closing, and control of foreign exchange contracts (FD)
Introduction, processing and control of foreign exchange transactions (VO)
Assignment, withdrawal/acceptance from/to accounting of contracts subject to accounting registration
Maintenance and accounting of accompanying documents confirming the fulfillment of obligations
Verification and preparation of certificates of supporting documents
Collection, consolidation, processing and preparation of reports on foreign exchange transactions
Automated controls for the completeness and correctness of information in the context of codes VO, VD
Formation and sending to the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan of all types of MT messages with control over the timing of sending
Reception and uploading of information received from the portal of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the System
Accounting for the movement of foreign exchange funds: orders for the purchase/sale of foreign currency (FX)
Payment processing (compliance with currency control requirements)
Formation and sending of regulatory reporting forms of currency control
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