Services for the implementation of an IT infrastructure monitoring system using OpenSource products. Monitoring systems are designed to monitor the operation of information systems, equipment, communication channels and other IT objects. IT infrastructure monitoring improves fault tolerance and reduces IT operation costs by providing instant error notification and providing accurate information about equipment load.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Tasks of IT Monitoring
Monitoring of IT infrastructure allows to solve the following tasks of the organization:
Fault warning
The monitoring system notifies the Customer in advance about the workload and equipment malfunctions.
Receipt of reports
The customer receives information about the status of monitoring objects in various formats: reports, dashboards and in various time frames.
Multi-channel notification
The customer can choose the notification method: by e-mail or by sms, or a multi-channel notification.
Effective planning
The monitoring system saves data on the operation of monitoring objects, which in the future allows you to effectively plan equipment upgrades.
Implementation Experience
Our systems monitor the operation of the following monitoring objects:
Server equipment
Banking systems
Databases: Oracle, SQL
Video surveillance systems
Channels of connection
Data storage systems
Electronic queuing systems
ERP systems
Payment terminals
Network switches
Robot consultants
Information systems
Data center life support systems
Dashboard Example
Dashboard for the service of operation and support of information systems
It reflects the main performance indicators of the information system and, in case of a breakdown, visually displays in which block the failure occurred. The data is taken from the eAdmin monitoring system.
The Reasons Why You Should Order IT-monitoring From Us
Rapid integration into the Customer's infrastructure
Integration with various types of equipment and systems
Collection of information from various data sources
Large selection of elements for data visualization
Automated processing of indicators
Low load on connection channels
Why OpenSource?
Benefits of using OpenSource (open source software)
No license fees
No obligatory payments for licenses and support
Open source codes
Ability to modify the system for unique processes
Flexible scaling
When connecting new users, you do not need to purchase licenses
Source code is available for viewing and study
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Over 20 years of work in IT, we have gained extensive experience in the development, maintenance and expertise of information system and software for healthcare, banks, the public sector, culture, energy, logistics and other sectors of the economy.

In our company, a dedicated team of specialists works on each project: a project manager, a business consultant, a developer, an IT architect, a tester and a designer.
The activities of our company comply with the state and international quality management standards ISO 9001-2016 and ISO 14001-2016. In 2012, we obtained the CMMI level 3 certification.
We have experience in the implementation of high-load information systems and other projects of a high degree of complexity, including the integration of corporate systems with government databases.
High-quality software implementation is ensured through various types of testing. Our experts check the product for errors, conduct functional and load testing.
Our most valuable resource is our employees. The average age of our specialists is 33 years old while the average duration of their work experience in the specialty is 11 years.
Why People Trust Us
Extensive practice and knowledge base
Team model of project management
Industry compliance
Implementation of complex projects
Quality control
Our employees
Our Clients