Products and services by industry: banks and financial institutions, oil and gas sector, transport, tax authorities, healthcare and other industries.


Projects for Industries
Banking and Finance
Integrated solution BanksGate for the interaction of banks among themselves, government agencies and national payment systems.
Energy and Oil and Gas Sector
Automation of accounting for electricity consumption, control of cash receipts from consumers, monitoring of the organization's work.
System for monitoring and alerting about failures and errors in the operation of information systems, equipment, connection channels and other IT objects eAdmin.
Construction and Real Estate
Automation of acceptance and consideration of design and estimate documentation.
System of registration, inventory and creation of electronic collections of cultural values for museums, libraries and archives of eMuseum.
Healthcare and Medicine
Automation of pharmaceuticals supply management and the work of sanitary and epidemiological organizations.
Transport and Logistics
Automation of the management of the courier delivery service for receiving orders and invoicing/control of customer invoices.
Taxes and Customs
Automation of filling, acceptance, transmission and processing of electronic forms of tax reporting; automation of customs processing of cargo traffic.
Public Sector
Automation of the receipt of public services by the population, integration with state databases.
Security Forces
Automation of personnel management, planning and control of combat training activities, accounting for weapons, inventory and other facilities.
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Over 20 years of work in IT, we have gained extensive experience in the development, maintenance and expertise of information system and software for healthcare, banks, the public sector, culture, energy, logistics and other sectors of the economy.

In our company, a dedicated team of specialists works on each project: a project manager, a business consultant, a developer, an IT architect, a tester and a designer.
The activities of our company comply with the state and international quality management standards ISO 9001-2016 and ISO 14001-2016. In 2012, we obtained the CMMI level 3 certification.
We have experience in the implementation of high-load information systems and other projects of a high degree of complexity, including the integration of corporate systems with government databases.
High-quality software implementation is ensured through various types of testing. Our experts check the product for errors, conduct functional and load testing.
Our most valuable resource is our employees. The average age of our specialists is 33 years old while the average duration of their work experience in the specialty is 11 years.
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Extensive practice and knowledge base
Team model of project management
Industry compliance
Implementation of complex projects
Quality control
Our employees
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